Volkswagen Pikes Peak

Volkswagen I.D. R Pikes Peak electric race car – Race to the Clouds

The I.D. R paves the way for Volkswagen’s electro-mobility strategy Electric racer shows sporting potential of the MEB powertrain Volkswagen R and Volkswagen Motorsport enhance their collaboration The world’s most famous hillclimb is set to run on June 24 in Colorado Volkswagen has named its latest motorsport project the I.D. R Pikes Peak. This all-electric […]

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Takata airbags

Honda will use targeted Facebook to find owners with defective Takata airbags

As Takata airbag recall, the biggest ever us auto recall continues, Honda expects new ways to reach customers who have not nevertheless brought in their vehicles for repair. and also the company’s next move, as Reuters reports, is to focus on Honda owners through Facebook. Advertisers use the tool that enables targeting specific subsets of […]

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Tesla New Roadster

Tesla New Roadster Will get the Option to Go Even Faster

When Tesla introduced a new Roadster, It noted that the 1.9-second 0-60 MPH time was a present in the base model implying that there may be headroom for even higher performance. but is there? Apparently, yes. Elon Musk has clarified that there’ll be a “special features package” that with the Roadster’s speed to “the next […]

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Tesla unveils the new Roadster is the Quickest car in the world due in 2020

At Tesla’s Semi event, the car manufacturer dropped its new Roadster. it will have a 620-mile range via a 200kWh battery pack.”You’ll be able to travel from LA to San Francisco and back without recharging,” CEO Elon Musk said. The new Tesla Roadster can do zero to 60 in 1.9 seconds, and it will blast […]

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flying car

Geely now owns a flying car startup it promises flying car by 2019

Those reports from the summer that Volvo’s parent company had snapped up flying automotive startup Terrafugia? They were true. Geely has formally completed its acquisition of Terrafugia, turning it into a fully-owned subsidiary of the Chinese automotive large. Terrafugia can be based on us and can continue to work with flying cars, but it’ll have […]

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tesla new software update

Tesla releases new software update with new driving mode is ‘chill’

Tesla started releases a new software update to its fleet this weekend with 2 new convenience features. The car manufacturer has added a feature to provide the option to soften the crazy acceleration of the Model S and Model X and it also pushed another requested feature. Tesla is appropriately known as the new feature […]

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Ford tests exoskeleton

Ford tests exoskeleton to increasing productivity and morale

Exoskeletons operating for real-life applications Companies are beginning to propose, from soldier support to serving to paraplegic patients walk. but they might even be customized to assist everyday employees with their harder tasks, as Lowe’s lift-easing prototype demonstrated. Ford is taking a special tack by investment in the EksoVest, a new exoskeleton that supports manufacturing […]

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machining firm

‘Model 3 struggles with production’ Tesla buys Perbix machining firm

Tesla has announced that it will be buying Perbix, a private machining firm company, which produces automotive equipment for factories. according to a report from CNBC, Perbix has been a Tesla supplier for almost 3 years, but the acquisition can allow the car manufacturer to bring the production of more elements in-house. Tesla describes the […]

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