OnePlus 5T

Here’s your best lookat the OnePlus 5T yet


The OnePlus 5 might have just released earlier this year, but we’re already waiting in anticipation for the OnePlus 5T, that could be a slightly upgraded model. Now, we’d have a concept of what it’s like. This morning, Evan Blass tweeted an image of what’s reportedly the top half of the smartphone.



There’s not a lot to go on here — it is easy to see a front-facing camera, sensors, a speaker and a side button on the phone. the real news, though, is that the lack of side bezels, that seems to be the direction each phone manufacturer goes. you can see a comparison between the top half of the OnePlus 5 (taken by Engadget) and therefore the 5T side by side below. The device should be declared soon, so we’ll see what the full phone seems like within the coming days and weeks.


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