wireless earbuds

Qualcomm’s latest chipset will provide wireless earbuds higher battery life and more

Qualcomm’s QCC5100 is a little tiny system with a chip that you will apparently never see. But it can make your life a little better. The chip is designed for real wireless headphones and whatever Qualcomm calls “hearable” — headphones with wearable design smart features. The best comparison for the new chip is Qualcomm’s CSR8675, […]

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Wireless Android Auto

Kenwood will be one of the 1st to give wireless Android Auto, Coming To CES 2018

Over the last few years, we’ve seen a huge expansion of car experiences powered by our smartphones. In another word, more car makers and 3rd-party head unit makers are adopting Google android auto and Apple CarPlay. In the past, we have heard about the Wireless Android auto itself. But now it has finally arrived at […]

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Chrome os

Finally, be able to run Android apps in the background on Chrome OS

Recently with the latest Chromebook, Android apps are finally expanding to just about everyone, but they are still “not done”. Chrome OS has more limitations with Android apps. But one of the biggest disadvantages is about to be fixed in Chrome OS 64. Since their debut on the platform, Android apps on Chrome OS have […]

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smart speaker

LG introduces the 1st smart speaker with Google Assistant

LG is acting on its promise to unveil a new LG ThinQ Speaker with built-in support for Google Assistant ahead at CES this January. LG worked with Google on the so-called “premium” speaker that the company is putting as a voice-activated interface for LG’s smart home appliances. The smart speaker can control numerous devices from […]

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Chromebooks Snapdragon 845

Chromebooks devices might be powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845

Future Chromebooks, powered by Snapdragon 845 Earlier this month, Qualcomm introduced its next-generation processor to the upcoming wave of flagship smartphones. While also showcasing how snapdragon can power full day cellular-connected Windows laptops. A new report today suggests that Chromebooks will run in one day with the Snapdragon 845 processor. Found in the chromium repository […]

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youtube ios app

The iOS YouTube app now properly displays square and vertical videos on iOS devices

It seems like it should have been here years ago. But finally, YouTube has updated its iOS app so that everybody can see vertical videos as they were meant to be seen: in full screen. Rather than turned sideways with black bars on the sides. It announced plans to introduce this feature back in Aug, […]

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Google Android Apps

Android Improving app security and performance, it’ll must have 64-bit support by aug 2019

Android supports 64-bit apps after Lollipop arrives in 2015, but they are not necessary. But now, Google has stepped up the law … or rather, it will. As of August 2019, Android apps will have to support 64-bit code. They will not have to ditch 32-bit compatibility, but they can not cling exclusively to the […]

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password manager

Windows 10 included a password manager with a dangerous plugin flaw

Plugin for Win 10 version of Keeper had bug allowing sites to steal passwords. There is a good reason why nervous about 3rd-party software bundled by security analysts: It can introduce vulnerabilities that the companies can not control. And Microsoft, unfortunately, is the hardest way that to learn. Google researcher Tavis Ormandy found that a […]

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Chrome beta

Google Chrome beta adds powerful pop-up blocker, mute tool for autoplay videos

Chrome version 64 beta With version 63 Chrome rolling out on Mac, Windows, Linux, and Android, and now on Chrome beta 64 channel. End users will especially advantage from a powerful pop-up blocker, sitewide audio muting, and an assortment of additional features, including those on Chrome OS. Google Chrome 64’s improved pop-up blocker prevents sites with […]

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Google Inbox has a new unsubscribe card that remind you unread promo emails

When you want to clean something up, the last thing you should do is ignore it, at the most of time. Messes have a habit of multiplying when they are out of sight. Check your email one week after the vacation and you will see precisely how inattention can cause a problem bigger. But now, […]

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