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Google Chrome beta adds powerful pop-up blocker, mute tool for autoplay videos


Chrome version 64 beta

With version 63 Chrome rolling out on Mac, Windows, Linux, and Android, and now on Chrome beta 64 channel. End users will especially advantage from a powerful pop-up blocker, sitewide audio muting, and an assortment of additional features, including those on Chrome OS.

Google Chrome 64’s improved pop-up blocker prevents sites with abusive experiences. Like disguising links as play buttons and site controls, or transparent overlays — from opening new tabs or windows.

Meanwhile, other security measures in Chrome are preventing malicious automatic redirects, as announced in November. Beginning in version 64, the browser will counter surprise redirects from 3rd-party content embedded in the pages. A user has directly interacted with it unless the browser currently blocks 3rd-party iframes.

When a redirect attempt happens, users will remain on their current page with an info bar popping up to detail the block.

This version also includes a new sitewide audio muting setting. This will be accessible from the dropdown of the permissions by tapping the info icon or green lock in the URL bar.

This version additionally brings support for HDR video playback when Windows 10 is in HDR mode. It needs the Windows 10 Fall Creator Update, HDR-compatible display, and graphics card. Meanwhile, on Windows, Google is currently prototyping support for an operating system’s native notification center. It launched in version 59 on MacOS and this version comes with Linux.

In Chrome OS, the version 64 allows tablet mode to run “split-view” feature through a flag for advanced multitasking. While screenshots on convertibles are more like android with a new volume down and power key gesture.

Finally, developers can currently take advantage of the resize Observer API to build responsive sites with “finer control to observe changes to sizes of elements on a page”. Chrome 64 must hit the stable channel within a few weeks.

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