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Facebook’s Instant Games now support live-streaming and video chats

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Instant Games

Last Year Facebook is launching Instant Games on messenger now celebrating the 1st year. By introducing new titles and some new features, starting with the ability to live-stream them to friends. If you wish to show your friends list how good you’re with Everwing or how much you suck at it. All you need to do is tap that new camera icon in the upper right corner of the game screen to stream on Facebook Live. You will then be able to select which audience you wish to share it with before you post it like you would any other Live video. This specific feature is are available starting today, but Facebook has another offering in store for 2018.

Early next year, you can play games with friends from within a video chat in real time, allowing you see every other’s reactions and have a deeper level of connection even if you are not physically in one location. By the looks of things, this one will roll out title per title. Since the first one slated to get it’s none other than Words with Friends. It can definitely give old players who think it’s lost its luster the incentive to pick it up again… And make faces at opponents to distract them from conjuring up that winning word.

In addition, Facebook is also launching new games for messenger in 2018, including Angry Birds. The physics game new version comes with unique options and modes designed specifically for the chat app will launch in early 2018. There are still some more titles like Sonic Jump arcade-style adventure by SEGA.

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