Upcoming ‘Overwatch’ will have more changes in the competition season


While the overwatch is still in its 7th competitive season. The Blizzard already has tipped its hand about a few changes due in season 8. With these matches focused on making even pairings to rate skill. Next season the plan is to tighten the range allowed between the highest ranked player on a team and the lowest. The plan is to test these new settings through Dec and figure out the final figures in Jan. Although current brackets on ratings determining who can queue together won’t change.

The other adjustment only affects Diamond, Master and Grandmaster tier players. So unless you git gud you will not even notice it. These are the players to whom skill rank likely means the most and they will want to know everything about how it’s changing. Until now, changes the skill rank up or down are affected by things like how the game thinks you performed, how many matches you have played, and whether or not your team was favored going into the match. For the best players in the new season, the individual performance curve will go away. Hopefully encouraging players to try to win instead of hunting stats to please the system.

We’ll see how the community responds after Jan second when the new tweaks go into effect.

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