SteamVR Input supports a lot of different controllers and adapt to any VR game

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SteamVR supports a lot of different controllers, and it can be difficult for developers to keep up with all of them. Today we are excited to release the first Beta for the new SteamVR Input system.

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SteamVR Input allows users to build binding configurations for their favorite games, even for controllers that didn’t exist when the game was written. They can adapt the controls of games to take left-handedness, a disability, or just personal preference into account. And once they build a configuration they can share them easily with other users of the same game via the Steam Workshop. Read More


SteamVR Input beta test helps controllers adapt to any VR game

Create bindings for controllers that didn’t exist when the game was released.

With the latest beta version of SteamVR Valve is now testing a new setup for controllers that makes things more customizable no matter what controllers you’re using, what the game was designed for, or what capabilities the user has. With the new SteamVR Input system, developers are now able to offer alternate control schemes without updating the game itself, while gamers can adjust bindings for buttons and switches to their liking, then share those setups via Steam Workshop. Read more

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