The Witcher 3

Almost 3 years later ‘The Witcher 3’ upgraded for xbox one is out

The Witcher 3: Wild hunting performance on the Xbox hardware has never been what I’d call “excellent”. So, when Microsoft announced that CD Projekt RED’s massive single-player RPG was one of the games getting an “enhancement” patch for the One X I got much excited. Lastly, The Witcher 3 would be playable on the computer […]

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This War of Mine

‘This War of Mine’ emotion with a father-daughter relationship

Games about war, although insanely well-liked, do little to Illustrate the hardships faced by troopers and civilians. With its stark design and target survival, This War of Mine (TWOM) set out to change that. The indie game from the devs behind the Anomaly series struck a chord, becoming an immediate hit and occurring to reap […]

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Xbox one massive update

Xbox One More New Features will save your console’s settings in the cloud

Last week, we delivered an upgraded console experience to Xbox One owners that focused on personalization and speed. it was a huge update, but we aren’t done simply yet. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be addressing customer feedback and adding even more great new features that gamers are requesting. Here’s a sneak peek at […]

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Wolfenstein 2

‘Wolfenstein 2’ First-person action shooter now available

The highly-anticipated first-person shooter “Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus” from Bethesda Games is currently live and out there for download.   Fans of Nazi battles will have good reason to stay home this weekend as “Wolfenstein 2” just went live on October. 27 at 12 a.m. EDT. For those planning to download the game on […]

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Original Xbox

Microsoft’s store appearing in Original Xbox backward compatibility games

Microsoft revealed at E3 earlier this year that the Xbox One will be backwards compatible with some original Xbox games. It appears the feature is ready to launch, as original Xbox games ar currently showing in Microsoft’s “games on demand” section of the Xbox marketplace. Star Wars: Knights of the previous Republic, Neowave: The King […]

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