Wolfenstein 2

‘Wolfenstein 2’ First-person action shooter now available


The highly-anticipated first-person shooter “Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus” from Bethesda Games is currently live and out there for download.


Fans of Nazi battles will have good reason to stay home this weekend as “Wolfenstein 2” just went live on October. 27 at 12 a.m. EDT. For those planning to download the game on PlayStation 4 (PS4) or Xbox One, the hard drive must have a giant amount of space. For those gamers who use PS4, it’s going to need 47.9 gigabytes (GB) of free space while Xbox One users will want 49.02 GB.


The information regarding the download sizes of PS4 pro and Xbox One X isn’t yet available. nevertheless, considering the improved graphics quality and seamless visuals, it’s expected that the space required is going to bigger than that of the PS4 and Xbox One.


For computer enthusiasts, it’s necessary to keep these specifications in mind so “Wolfenstein 2” will run smoothly and without any hang ups. Minimally, the PC’s operating system (OS) must be at least a Windows 7, 8.1, or ten particularly for 64-Bit versions. The processor preferably needs to be an AMD FX-8350/Ryzen 5 1400 or Intel Core i5-3570/i7-3770. There needs to be a minimum of 8 GB of random access memory (RAM). Moreover, there needs to be a minimum of 55 GB of available space.


System crashes aren’t uncommon in playing video games particularly when players are caught within the heat of battle. Here is what computer players will do if they experience “Wolfenstein 2” crashes. make sure the game is run on the dedicated graphics processing unit (GPU) and not the integrated GPU. On the Advanced Video Settings, disable “Async compute” and restart the game. Install the newest Windows 10 updates. Perform a system antivirus scan. Lastly, run System File Checker or use a dedicated registry cleaner to clean any corrupt files.


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