Google Chrome

Google Chrome team rolls back the update that muted many web games

Automating muting for Web Audio has been delayed until Chrome 70 in October. With the release of Chrome 66 last month, the browser began automatically muting sound on videos by default. The only problem is that this tweak silenced a number of web games and art projects, which weren’t built for the new feature. Now […]

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Chromebooks Snapdragon 845

Chromebooks devices might be powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845

Future Chromebooks, powered by Snapdragon 845 Earlier this month, Qualcomm introduced its next-generation processor to the upcoming wave of flagship smartphones. While also showcasing how snapdragon can power full day cellular-connected Windows laptops. A new report today suggests that Chromebooks will run in one day with the Snapdragon 845 processor. Found in the chromium repository […]

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Chrome beta

Google Chrome beta adds powerful pop-up blocker, mute tool for autoplay videos

Chrome version 64 beta With version 63 Chrome rolling out on Mac, Windows, Linux, and Android, and now on Chrome beta¬†64 channel. End users will especially advantage from a powerful pop-up blocker, sitewide audio muting, and an assortment of additional features, including those on Chrome OS. Google Chrome 64’s improved pop-up blocker prevents sites with […]

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Chrome 63

Chrome 63 rollout brings with it site isolation, added security

Today, rolling out Google Chrome 63 includes many security enhancements for enterprise users. Site Isolation allows pages to be rendered in a separate process, while TLS 1.3 is currently enabled on Gmail. Google has also announced the future security features for the year ahead. Site Isolation Furthering the existing sandbox technology, site Isolation has Chrome […]

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Microsoft Office is currently available for all Chromebooks

Its pleasant time it took, but Microsoft’s Office for Android is currently available at all Play Store-compatible Chromebooks, according to Chrome Unboxed. The software’s convoluted journey en route to Google’s laptops is well documented. As a recap, when Android app support came to Chrome Operating System over a year ago, Microsoft’s Office Suite apps (naturally) […]

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Google wants to help developers make better websites

Developers already have access to variety of tools that allow them see how real-world users experience their websites, but until now they weren’t able to see how their web site user expertise compared to others. Enter the Chrome User experience Report, a public dataset of key user expertise metrics gleaned from Chrome users who have […]

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