Microsoft Office is currently available for all Chromebooks


Its pleasant time it took, but Microsoft’s Office for Android is currently available at all Play Store-compatible Chromebooks, according to Chrome Unboxed. The software’s convoluted journey en route to Google’s laptops is well documented. As a recap, when Android app support came to Chrome Operating System over a year ago, Microsoft’s Office Suite apps (naturally) were among the 1st reviewers — including Computerworld — downloaded on compatible devices, like the newest Pixelbook and also the Asus Chromebook Flip C302CA. And, everyone just (incorrectly) assumed they’d also be available on other Play Store-supported Chromebooks too. Boy, was everyone wrong.

Rather than, office Suite Injury on picked devices, while dropping others in the cold. the situation went on (and on) that way for an age. But, the wait is finally over, with office downloadable for all Chromebooks. Of course, that is great news for people who use the laptops for work or school, that likely amounts to plenty of people.

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