Vuzix AR smartglasses

Vuzix is introducing Amazon Alexa-Enabled First AR Digital Glasses in CES

Vuzix has been producing smartglasses for years, but an upcoming model will be more special. According to Bloomberg, the New York-based company is introducing the 1st Alexa-enabled AR (augmented reality) glasses at CES 2018. You will clearly be able to ask Alexa queries the way you normally do. And also the glasses will show the […]

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Amazon’s Alexa is coming to headphones and wearable devices

Amazon is integrating Alexa with services that facilitate around the home. From turning on the microwave to charging your plugged-in eV. For its next trick, the tech giant wants to push its voice assistant into devices you’re taking on the go. Today, Amazon has introduced a new set of developer tools, called ‘Alexa Mobile Accessory […]

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Roombas iRobot

High-end Roombas will shortly find your home’s weak Wi-Fi signals

Weak Wi-Fi is a new enemy, your Roomba. Along with dirt, iRobot’s Roomba 900 series models will shortly hunt down your home’s wireless dead zones too. The forthcoming patch activates the ability and comes in the middle of January. Especially, the upgrade includes iRobot’s top-tier vacuums, the Roomba 960 $700, and Roomba 980 $900. When […]

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Smart light HomeKit

GE smart light bulbs includes Amazon Alexa and HomeKit support in early 2018

Building a smart home is a difficult affair, with a ton of options available to add voice-control and automation to your lights, window coverings, thermostats and more. GE wants to simplify your options (with its own branded products, of course). And it is bringing some new smart ceiling fixtures, wall switches, and lights to market […]

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smart speaker

LG introduces the 1st smart speaker with Google Assistant

LG is acting on its promise to unveil a new LG ThinQ Speaker with built-in support for Google Assistant ahead at CES this January. LG worked with Google on the so-called “premium” speaker that the company is putting as a voice-activated interface for LG’s smart home appliances. The smart speaker can control numerous devices from […]

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Audi add Amazon Music

Audi’s latest models built-in feature Amazon Music to the dashboard

If you are an Apple CarPlay or android auto user. You have no shortage of music streaming services baked into your dashboard. But, if you are relying on your vehicle’s default control panel the choices start to dwindle. While the car manufacturers such as Ford have started offering Apple and Google Infotainment Systems. (that play […]

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Echo Look

Echo Look, Style Assistant with Alexa, Amazon’s fashionistas can give you style tips

If you are tired of the Echo Look’s AI-powered style tips, we’ve excellent news. Now, to get feedback from real-life humans, you can submit your full body selfies to the Amazon Spark hive. In June the e-retail company giant launched the camera-equipped Echo Look as an invite-only purchase. It’s Instagram style social shopping feed, Amazon […]

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smart TVs

Listening to Amazon Music on your Samsung Smart TVs shortly

Lately, Samsung is rolling out new features to its lineup of smart TVs, such support for YouTube TV. the company announced that owners can listen to Amazon Music through their smart TVs shortly, the 1st third-party device to connect to the service. The company says that users are able to browse their libraries, playlists and […]

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Alexa Echo Button

Amazon’s Echo Buttons are available to pre-order for holiday trivia games

The holidays are nearly here, and that means you will end up playing lots of party games with visiting friends and relatives. Amazon might spare you from having to break out yet another board game, though: it just put its Echo Button accessory up for pre-order. Pay 20 dollar and you will get the super-simple […]

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