Microsoft Surface Hub 2

Microsoft Unveils the New Surface Hub 2 is designed for an office of the future


Microsoft today announced the successor to its high-end Surface Hub whiteboard, the Surface Hub 2.

While we don’t know very much about it yet, Microsoft showed off the new model’s sleek design and shared some information about key features, such as an improved display and portrait mode support. Microsoft will likely share more information before launch, which is expected sometime in 2019.

According to the company, the design inspiration for Surface Hub 2 was taking whiteboard-enabled collaboration beyond the conference room and enhancing productivity for different kinds of users...Read more


The hardware of the Surface Hub 2 looks stunning, but Microsoft is also improving the software running on the new device. While it’s still based on Windows 10, Microsoft is working on a new dynamic collaboration scenario that will allow multiple people to walk up to the Surface Hub 2, log into the device using the built-in fingerprint reader and then each pull their own work into a single collaborative document. Most of the software will be optimized for Microsoft Teams, and far-field microphones and 4K cameras will allow you to make video calls in portrait mode that make it feel like you’re standing next to a colleague.   Read More

Surface Hub 2

Sure, that might just sound like marketing hype. But it’s a bit more believable today, after seeing how Microsoft’s other Surface devices broke new ground for PCs. While the Surface tablets got off to a rough start, Microsoft eventually found its footing with the Surface Pro 4 and the most recent Pro, paving the way for convertibles and hybrid PCs from other companies. The Surface Book pushed that concept even further to fit in hardware you’d expect from a powerful workstation. And the Surface Studio’s tilting screen made it far more versatile than a typical all-in-one… Read more


This feature is a truly magical experience. Using multi-user sign in, multiple people can authenticate in the same Surface Hub 2 workspace, allowing them to simultaneously access their documents and ideas, merging them with the ideas of their teammates – and making collaboration as natural as meeting at a whiteboard… Read More

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