first printer upgrade

The ISS is getting its first printer upgrade in 17 years

When they are not busy spacewalking, astronauts carry out the same boring tasks as us — like printing. But, chances are, the printer in your home is newer than the one on the International space station (ISS). The heap of junk aboard the spacecraft is seventeen years old, making it ripe for replacement. Enter HP, […]

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stores data in smart fabric

Without Electronics Conductive thread stores data in clothes

New technology may shortly change you to get into your home or office with nothing more than your coat, wristband or tie. Scientists at the University of Washington have found a way to make smart fabric, using only conductive thread with no other added electronics.   The team manipulated the polarity of magnetized fabric in […]

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Twisted light

Make wireless data faster than fiber with Twisted light

As fast as fiber optic lines have become, they are still hamstrung by one key limitation: you still need to transmit that data over wires, that limits where you can transmit and therefore the affordability of the fastest connections. Scientists may have a way to eliminate those cables while providing even faster speeds, though. They’ve […]

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fastest laser pulse

World’s fastest laser pulse can observe electrons in slow motion

The race to produce ever-faster laser pulses has set a new record, and it could lead to breakthroughs in our understanding of atom-level physics. A team at ETH Zurich has shortened an X-ray pulse to just forty three attoseconds (10-18 seconds), that is fast enough that you can observe electrons moving in slow motion. That, […]

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NASA and Germany are about to refresh their climate science satellites

An Earth science mission launched more than 15 years ago has finally come to an end, slightly earlier than previously expected, NASA announced Oct. 27.   In a statement, NASA said the Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment (GRACE) mission, carried out in cooperation with the German space agency DLR, had ended science operations after the […]

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solar windows

Passive solar windows use sunlight to retain a building’s heat

A domestic property loses as much as 200th of its heat through windows. for giant glassy commercial buildings, that figure is a lot higher, leading to big heating bills and inevitable disputes among staff about the thermostat. but researchers have currently found a way to turn standard windows into solar-powered heaters, using energy from the […]

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billion investment

Saudi Arabia plans $1 billion investment Richard Branson’s space companies

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia intends to invest $1 billion in Virgin group space companies, according to billionaire Richard Branson’s conglomerate on Thursday.   The contract is described as a “partnership on spaceflight, satellite launch and space-centric entertainment,” backed by the public Investment Fund of Saudi Arabia. The venture will fuel 3 Virgin companies – […]

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Commercial Crew

Boeing builds towards its First Commercial Crew Flight Test

  The Atlas V rocket that will launch Boeing’s CST-100 Starliner spacecraft for the company’s uncrewed Orbital Flight Test for NASA’s Commercial Crew Program is coming together inside a United Launch Alliance facility in Decatur, Alabama.   The uncrewed Orbital Flight Test is intended to prove the design of the integrated space system prior to […]

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Science Journal app

Google expands its Science Journal app with new sensors and iOS support

Last year, Google released a fun app that let curious children perform a handful of science experiments by monitoring light, sound and motion using a smartphone. Following some feedback, the app has been updated with a more open-ended approach, allowing children to simply record and annotate the globe around them. (It’s also on iOS now.) […]

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