Boring Company tunnels

Elon Musk releases more details 150 MPH rides in Boring Company tunnels for $1

During an informational session with Q&A today, Elon Musk released more details about the Boring Company’s plan for its network of tunnels under Los Angeles. He envisions a “personalized mass transit” system that costs only $1 fare. Most of the presentation reiterated things that the Boring Company already made public since announcing the plans for a […]

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Virgin Hyperloop One is eyeing India for building networks in India

Virgin Hyperloop One is eyeing the chance of creating networks of high-speed tube transportation in India. the company, that recently rebranded to include “Virgin” in its name after Richard Branson’s investment, has started conducting studies with 3 Indian states to determine potential routes. Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, and Maharashtra are looking to provide hyperloops as a […]

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