Boring Company tunnels

Elon Musk releases more details 150 MPH rides in Boring Company tunnels for $1

During an informational session with Q&A today, Elon Musk released more details about the Boring Company’s plan for its network of tunnels under Los Angeles. He envisions a “personalized mass transit” system that costs only $1 fare. Most of the presentation reiterated things that the Boring Company already made public since announcing the plans for a […]

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Volvo XC90

Uber is buying up to 24,000 Volvo XC90 SUVs for its self-driving fleet

Uber will buy up to 24,000 Volvo XC90s, to form a fleet of driverless vehicles, reports Bloomberg. The XC90, that start at $45,750, is delivered between 2019 and 2021. the base vehicles feature core autonomous driving technologies which will enable Uber to add its own automation features yet, Volvo says. “This new agreement puts us […]

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Tesla Semi Truck

Walmart Try Out Tesla Semi Truck for Transporting Merchandise

The Tesla Semi already has one very giant guinea pig for an electric fleet: Walmart. The retail juggernaut has some 6,000 trucks and moves merchandise all over the country and as of last may, it had been the world’s largest retailer. the company looking EVs for logistics Sends a clear message about the reliability of […]

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Virgin Hyperloop One is eyeing India for building networks in India

Virgin Hyperloop One is eyeing the chance of creating networks of high-speed tube transportation in India. the company, that recently rebranded to include “Virgin” in its name after Richard Branson’s investment, has started conducting studies with 3 Indian states to determine potential routes. Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, and Maharashtra are looking to provide hyperloops as a […]

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