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Tobii partnership with Qualcomm to bring eye-tracking tech to its mobile VR + ARkit


Eye tracking enables new possibilities in virtual reality – from improved HMD performance through Foveated Rendering to a range of powerfully immersive user experiences.

Tobii’s eye tracking platform can be adapted and optimized for you VR headset.

We see two ways that eye tracking improves AR and VR technology. First, integrating eye tracking into an AR or VR headset results in a better device and second, it provides a better experience for the end user. Go here for more VR info –https://www.tobii.com/tech/products/vr/

Better devices: when eye tracking is integrated into a VR or AR headset, special techniques become possible. Better

experiences: when VR applications are designed to take advantage of eye tracking, a variety of important benefits emerge.

Qualcomm adds Tobii’s eye-tracking tech to its mobile VR kit

The partnership could make eye tracking a requirement for VR headsets.

Tobii’s eye-tracking tech was such a great fit for virtual reality that taking it for a spin at CES 2018 ruined every headset without its capabilities for Engadget editor Devindra Hardawar. Now, Tobii has teamed up with Qualcomm to create an updated version of the chipmaker’s Snapdragon 845 Mobile VR Platform. Unlike the rather underwhelming design we tested in February, the development kit’s new version will come loaded with Tobii’s eye-tracking tech. Read More

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