Pixel 2 XL

Google Pixel 2 XL unresponsive edges another screen issue


It looks like Google still is not done fielding complaints regarding the pixel 2 XL’s display. while some users are experiencing premature screen burn-in and seeing a bluish tint, others are apparently having trouble with its responsiveness. Comments announce on the component a pair of community website have unconcealed that some units are having problems obtaining their phones to register touches near the edges of the screen. One poster even conducted a test & found that while that edges of his display will recognize swipes just good, they can not always recognize taps.

Here’s a video of the experiment:

According to Android Police, this occurs because the device’s accidental touch protection feature is just bit too effective. the great news is that it is an os issue, and Google is already working on a fix. a pixel 2 XL Community manager, posted in a thread, explain to people the pixel team is already investigating and addressing the issue in a forthcoming over-the-air update.

In an effort to preempt similar complaints about greenish or bluish tinted screens and burn-ins, Apple newly updated its support page to clarify that those are dead normal for OLED displays just like the iPhone X’s and pixel 2 XL’s. nevertheless, iPhone X’s screen seems to come with its own set of problems. some of them have a nasty green line happening their edges, while others stop responding to touches in cold temperatures.

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