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Tricks on iPhone X appear see-through X-ray Vision


The Apple iPhone X could be a massive deal on the interwebs already, then someone went and gave it the ability of near invisibility – it absolutely was always reaching to get love. but how do you do it?

Making an iPhone X go see-through cannot be simple, right? Wrong. Okay, before we go on, this is not a great way to hack your iPhone’s camera and screen to always seem see-through. Rather it is the way to make a cool look that creates it looks like the phone has no front and you are peering right into its core.

This works by displaying a picture of the innards of the iPhone X on the display. The image was obtained by the teardown pros over at iFixit. you just need to head over to get the image from the iFixit website, then you’ll save it to your iPhone X where you’ll set it as the wallpaper.

Thankfulness to the iPhone X because the edge-to-edge bezel-free display, this wallpaper, at 1st glance, extremely does look cool. there’s also an option for an x-ray style shot too that apparently very impressive. in fact, when you look closer there’s the clock and quick access icons, but it’s still impressive.

By going to Settings on your iPhone you can then go to Wallpapers where recent photos are displayed as options. As long as you saved the image from the site using your phone it will be right there for you to choose. Simple. now all you wish to do is to show it off to your mates, and people at work, and on the bus, in a line, on-line and on and on.


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