Zero New electric Motorcycles

Zero electric Motorcycles Launches 2018 Lineup — can recharge in an hour

Zero Motorcycles released its 2018 models. while they don’t look much different from the 2017s on the skin (except the beautiful new silver paint!), it’s what’s within that counts. Like — 100% longer range due to new battery chemistry on all ZF7.2 and ZF14.4 models! Zero is also providing fast charging — six times quicker, […]

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Moto Smart Speaker

Latest Moto Smart Speaker with Amazon Alexa on your moto z

With the Moto smart Speaker with Amazon Alexa on your moto z, simply ask and Alexa responds,¹ even when you’re mobile. Play music, get news, ask queries and more. whether you’re across the room or on the go, four powerful microphones ensure Alexa always hears you. No hands, no problem.   Easily use Alexa to […]

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fuel cell concept

Toyota aims for long-range flexibility ‘Fine-Comfort Ride’ fuel cell concept

  Toyota is debuting a brand new concept vehicle for the forthcoming Tokyo Motor Show, and it’s a fuel cell vehicle that’s designed to get around 1,000 kilometer (around 621 miles) on a single hydrogen pack that may be refuelled in about 3 minutes total. The idea looks like an aggressively future-styled minivan, tho’ it’s […]

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Apple’s secret Project Titan self-driving test car closer look

When one self-driving technology entrepreneur highlights the efforts of another company working on autonomous vehicles, you pay attention: That’s what happened with Voyage co-founder MacCallister Higgins, who tweeted a short video of the top of Apple’s ‘Project Titan’ test Lexus SUV, outfitted with a suite of sensors and autonomous hardware.   Going to need more […]

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live location

WhatsApp new feature lets users Share their real-time live location

This week, messaging app WhatsApp declared a new feature that allows users to share their real-time location with family and friends. Whether you’re meeting up with friends, letting loved ones know you’re safe, or sharing your commute, Live Location is a simple and secure way to let people know where you are. This end-to-end encrypted […]

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facebook livescreen sharing

Facebook Live now has a built-in screen-sharing feature

Facebook has quietly launched a new feature for Live videos that produces sharing your screen an easy experience. instead of downloading a third-party service, you’ll now simply click the “Share Screen” button that appears once you enter the Live module on desktop. TheNextWeb’s Matt Navarra has discovered the new sharing option, which does not seem […]

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