open-source autonomous

Baidu updates its open-source autonomous driving platform

It’s odd that the search engine company referred to as the “Google of China” says that its open-source autonomous driving platform Apollo is that the “Android of the auto industry.” but that is specifically what Baidu is trying to be with Apollo and it’s racking up partners worldwide (including Ford, Daimler, NVIDIA and others) to […]

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Commercial Crew

Boeing builds towards its First Commercial Crew Flight Test

  The Atlas V rocket that will launch Boeing’s CST-100 Starliner spacecraft for the company’s uncrewed Orbital Flight Test for NASA’s Commercial Crew Program is coming together inside a United Launch Alliance facility in Decatur, Alabama.   The uncrewed Orbital Flight Test is intended to prove the design of the integrated space system prior to […]

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Science Journal app

Google expands its Science Journal app with new sensors and iOS support

Last year, Google released a fun app that let curious children perform a handful of science experiments by monitoring light, sound and motion using a smartphone. Following some feedback, the app has been updated with a more open-ended approach, allowing children to simply record and annotate the globe around them. (It’s also on iOS now.) […]

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Microsoft is working on a foldable device with a focus on pen and digital ink

Although Microsoft’s mobile efforts in regards to Windows 10 Mobile are dead, the company isn’t pulling out of mobile altogether. While Windows on smartphones is no more, Microsoft is hoping to create a new category-defining mobile device that’s aimed at an entirely new demographic, and that puts pen and digital inking at the forefront of […]

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foldable phone

This Drawing shows Samsung’s another foldable phone concept

The folding phone is probably considered the next holy grail for tech companies. Rumors have swirled for years about a potential device, and numerous patents have also been filed. currently some new sketches of a Samsung phone that’s foldable have surfaced on-line. The patent drawings were submitted by Samsung electronics to the Korean intellectual property […]

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Lexus Premieres ‘LS+ Concept’ automated driving technology for 2020

The usual order of things is that an auto manufacturer releases a concept, then a production model, then it rests on its laurels for a year or 2 before beginning the process over. Apparently, nobody told Lexus about that third step.   Lexus used its stage at the Tokyo Motor Show to unveil the LS+ […]

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Uber introduces multi-destination feature makes Riding with friends easier

Uber has launched a multiple stop feature that lets riders add up to 3 stops on their trip, eliminating the need to add a new address after every drop or pick-up. Open the app, hit “Where to?” then tap the “+” symbol to add the addresses of every stop. you’ll be able to add or […]

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Logitech Circle 2 Cameras

Logitech Circle 2 Cameras Now Work with the Google Assistant commands

Logitech Circle 2 home security cameras now work with the Google Assistant on smart speakers like Google Home, eligible Android phones and iPhones, so you can easily ask to watch live video of what’s happening in and around your home on your TV.   To access this experience, you must have a Chromecast or TV […]

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Workplace Chat

Workplace Chat desktop app to everyone Facebook opens it

Facebook brought its Slack-competing service out of private beta last year and rebranded it as simply ‘Workplace.’ Its messaging side offering, workplace Chat, had browser and mobile components — and today, it’s bringing its desktop app out of beta so all users can converse in text or over video, send files and share screens tho’ […]

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mobile hotspot

AT&T’s Netgear mobile hotspot promises twice the speed of LTE

AT&T has just declared the 1st mobile hotspot router, the Netgear Nighthawk, that can connect with the telecommunication company’s “5G Evolution” network, that AT&T claims offers up to twice the speed of typical 4G LTE. The service is only available in parts of Austin and indianapolis, and previously only to Samsung S8 users. The Netgear […]

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