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Shortly Firefox will flag sites which have been hacked

Firefox has a good run right now, having just released its much speedier and better-looking Quantum browser. It’s currently working on a new feature that security fans are bound to like: it’ll warn you if you are visiting a website that has suffered a data breach. Firefox is working on the feature in collaboration with […]

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Firefox Quantum

Speed up your web browsing with New Firefox Quantum broswer

Did you ditch Firefox a while ago after feeling that it had been slowing down compared to rival browsers like Chrome? Mozilla is determined to win you back. As promised, it simply released Firefox Quantum (aka Firefox 57) — and it guarantees to be abundant quicker than you are wont to. the corporate claims its […]

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Google Earth on Web

Google Earth on Web is almost ready to work on Firefox

Earlier this year, Google Earth finally became accessible on a browser, giving you a way to virtually explore our world without having to install its application. At the moment, though, it’ll only work if you are using Google Chrome, something its developers are working hard to change: their official Twitter account has just revealed that […]

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