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Instagram testing new feature on follow hashtags


Sometimes, you do not need to keep up with individual folks on Instagram as you do a trending topic — say, the most recent in tech (we’re slightly biased here) or a giant protest. That presently involves laborious searches for hashtags, but it’d become comparatively trivial shortly. Users have discovered that Instagram is testing an choice to follow hashtags, not just people. while this only includes well-liked and recent posts (it could simply become overwhelming if you got all of them), it might easily provide you with a sense of what is hot and recommend new folks to follow.



Instagram declined to say more once asked regarding the test by the next web, thus it’s unclear just what percentage people have access to the test or however likely it’s that you will see the feature become a mainstay. The social network frequently tests options that are not guaranteed to hit the mainstream.

However, this can be one addition we could see taking off. Instagram has been growing rapidly, but keeping that user base is also difficult once newcomers are likely to see a quiet picture feed or simply will not understand who to follow. the choice to follow hashtags could facilitate them get the ball rolling. And of course, it could facilitate just about anyone who’s looking for a reason to stay coming back regardless of how active their friends may be.

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