Logitech G Gaming Mouse

Logitech G Unleashes Next-Generation Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse

Logitech’s extremely-low-latency Lightspeed technology was largely reserved for well-heeled gamers when it first hit the scene last June, but it’s a much different story a year later. The peripheral maker has unveiled the G305, a Lightspeed-equipped mouse that costs $60 — much more justifiable than the pricier G703 and G603. You won’t get a particularly […]

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Play the new ‘Overwatch’ hero during the game’s free novemver 17-20

The studio behind Overwatch declared a new playable character (at Blizzcon earlier this month) for the hero shooter: Moira, a healer with evasive and damage-dealing abilities. Last night, she became available to play on computer and consoles and you do not know it, Blizzard is creating the game free to try out this weekend, starting […]

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The all-new AORUS X9, it is FOR THE CHOSEN. powerful gaming Laptop

If you’ve just spent thousands on a new gaming PC or laptop then you better look away now as AORUS, that habitual bather of silicone in cheetah blood, has just announced its new X9 flagship machine – and honestly, it looks like a killer.   Feature World’s Thinnest NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1070 GDDR5 8GB+8GB SLI […]

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