ThirdEye AR glasses

The ThirdEye X1 AR glasses come with large swappable batteries


I know what you think, and yes — these are some dorky-looking AR glasses. What they lack in design, however, they arguably make up for in battery life. The ThirdEye X1 packs 2 hot-swappable batteries with a combined 2400 mAh charge — its competitors are not explicitly in any case. The means that glasses, which will project a 90-inch virtual “screen” is about 10 feet in length front of you. Can You will last a whole day of new batteries provided. In the CES 2018, I was able to put them on and get a brief glimpse of its AR capabilities. Unfortunately, however, the team at the booth could summon little more than a misty loading screen. (Lame.)

The team said the team will be developing both parallel to hardware and software so its glasses are unique. They are meant primarily for business customers — think engineers, doctors, and teachers — who might need to wear them for long periods. The company says it could have potential as a consumer product too, however. A sports broadcaster, for example, could offer them to subscribers who want a large-screen (and someday, maybe multi-screen) viewing experience at home. pricing is based on the client and their software needs — if you need a vanilla set of X1 glasses, however, they will run you somewhere between $800 and $1000 this March.

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