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Tesla releases new software update with new driving mode is ‘chill’


Tesla started releases a new software update to its fleet this weekend with 2 new convenience features. The car manufacturer has added a feature to provide the option to soften the crazy acceleration of the Model S and Model X and it also pushed another requested feature.

Tesla is appropriately known as the new feature “Chill: a new acceleration”. It’s a big modification from the automaker’s previous modes called Insane and Ludicrous, that are more geared toward performance. As for “Chill”, Tesla describes the option in the release notes of the new 2017.44 update:

“You will currently choose from 2 acceleration choices in your vehicle: Chill and standard. Chill makes acceleration more gradual – ideal for smoother driving and a gentler ride for your passengers.”

While the moment torque is arguably one among the most effective parts of driving electric, not everybody gets to want it. Therefore, it would prove helpful to some. In order to activate it, drivers can go to Controls > Controls > Driving and toggle to chill below ‘Acceleration’.

Keep in mind that Tesla pushes new updates to its fleet gradually and it may take a moment for each owner to receive it. Another feature in the 2017.44 update facilitates exiting Tesla’s vehicles.

The car manufacturer describes it in the release notes:

“Starting during this unharness, you’ll get in and out of the driver’s seat additional simply. after you park, the handwheel and driver’s seat can mechanically alter for a better exit. when you come to the vehicle, they mechanically alter back to the recent driving profile after you tread on the brake. Or, if your keyfob is coupled to your driver profile, the seat and handwheel alter consequently. As always, you’ll restore your profile by choosing it from the list.”

This new feature builds on Tesla’s existing driver profile application. It was really recommended to Tesla CEO Elon Musk by a Twitter user last summer:



In order to activate the feature, Tesla drivers with the newest update need to access CONTROLS > Settings > Driver Profiles and check ‘Use simple Entry’.

At that time, you’ll be prompted to adjust the seat and steering wheel and save the modification under the easy Entry profile.Those are the newest 2 options that Tesla is adding to its fleet via over-the-air software updates. Most of the automaker’s recent updates targeted on Autopilot, but the corporate also released an update that improved on Homelink and added a feature to run climate control when the car is parked for an extended period of time (aka camper mode) last month.


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