YouTube Music

YouTube Music, a new music streaming service, is coming soon

YouTube execs have finally announced the long-awaited revamp for YouTube Music that they say will eventually replace Google Play Music. In interviews with Recode, CNET and USA Today, they revealed the new YouTube Music will soft-launch next Tuesday with a $10 subscription packages (you can sign up now for updates right here). Similar to its […]

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youtube ios app

The iOS YouTube app now properly displays square and vertical videos on iOS devices

It seems like it should have been here years ago. But finally, YouTube has updated its iOS app so that everybody can see vertical videos as they were meant to be seen: in full screen. Rather than turned sideways with black bars on the sides. It announced plans to introduce this feature back in Aug, […]

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smart TVs

Listening to Amazon Music on your Samsung Smart TVs shortly

Lately, Samsung is rolling out new features to its lineup of smart TVs, such support for YouTube TV. the company announced that owners can listen to Amazon Music through their smart TVs shortly, the 1st third-party device to connect to the service. The company says that users are able to browse their libraries, playlists and […]

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suggested video

Youtube going to stop showing the suggested video links you didn’t click

Have you ever clicked a YouTube creator’s suggested video link once it pops up mid-clip? No? you are far from alone. YouTube has revealed that it’s removing the power to promote videos, playlists or live streams through in-video notifications as of Dec 14th. The streaming service is not shy about the reason why: few people […]

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YouTube Kids update

YouTube Kids update, new parental controls gives kids their own profiles

YouTube kids, the kid-friendly, a lot of filtered version of YouTube 1st introduced in 2015, is getting a notable upgrade. The updated app is adding many new features designed to reflect the app’s currently aging user base, including profiles that are customized based on the kid’s date of birth, as well as extra security controls […]

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YouTube background

Play YouTube in the background on Android and iOS

YouTube is that the internet’s replacement for the TV, so it’s only natural that we’d use it as our background noise provider, but Google doesn’t make that easy on mobile devices. Unless you’ve got a YouTube Red subscription, YouTube only plays as a foreground app, that means you can’t use your phone and hear music […]

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