Surface tablet

Microsoft Plan To Release a Low-Cost Surface Tablet This Year

Microsoft Corp. is planning to release a line of lower-cost Surface tablets as soon as the second half of 2018, seeking a hit in a market for cheaper devices that Apple Inc. dominates with the iPad, according to people familiar with the matter. Microsoft has tried this before. The software giant kicked off its consumer-oriented […]

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LG Gram laptops

LG refreshed its Gram laptops claimed to full-day battery life

LG announces its updated range of its tiny and light Gram laptops today, Before the CES next month. LG introduces the refreshed version of Gram’s 3 in the 13.3-inch, 14-inch, and 15-inch models. The 2018 Gram laptops include Intel 8th-gen Core i5 and i7 processors, SSD storage, and an option for a 2nd SSD drive. […]

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OpenSSH client

Microsoft quietly adding a Built-in OpenSSH client to Windows 10

OpenSSH client for Windows 10 Microsoft has been steadily building Windows 10 much more developer friendly. Adding the bash command line, alongside Ubuntu, SUSE Linux, and fedora Linux distributions. The software giant is now adding a native OpenSSH client to Windows 10. It will get a beta option immediately for the Fall Creators Update for […]

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Windows 10

Latest Microsoft’s Windows 10 experiment: Running every Windows 10 app in tabs

One of the foremost popular feature requests for Windows 10 is tabs in File Explorer (over 20,000 votes). Microsoft has resisted adding tabs to File Explorer and apps in general for years, after originally introducing tabs in internet explorer 6 with a toolbar extension back in 2005. That resistance is about to modification, in a […]

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smart writing

Moleskine’s Smart Writing Set will work with Microsoft Office

Last year (2016) Moleskine introduced his smart writing set, that allows users jot down their notes into a uniquely textured Moleskine notebook and transfer them to an Android and iOS app. currently the company is collaborating with Microsoft to bring the Moleskine Notes app directly to Windows 10, so you’ll see your notes in real-time […]

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Windows 10 search

Microsoft is testing with a new Windows 10 search user interface

Microsoft seems to be testing a new Windows 10 search user interface that floats across the screen. Italian blog Aggiornamenti Lumia discovered the new search interface in the latest test build of Windows 10 (17040) released last week. The New Look replaces the Cortana interface for currently and will be a sign Microsoft is looking […]

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Windows 10 upgrades

Microsoft Windows 10 last free upgrades ends on December 31st

As a part of its goal to get Windows 10 onto people’s computers, Microsoft offered free upgrades to the new version of its OS for years. To be specific, it was the company’s goal to hit the billion-device milestone during a few years once the launch of the new OS. Giving free upgrades was Microsoft’s […]

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Store app

You’ll soon be able to buy Surface hardware from Windows 10’s Store app

Just a few weeks ago, Microsoft began rolling out an update to the inbuilt Windows Store that rebranded the app as “Microsoft Store.” At the time, outside of the rebrand, not much else had modified within the app, making the rebrand slightly odd. because it turns out, Microsoft is planning to sell more than just […]

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