security emails

Facebook lists all the security emails to protect you from phishing schemes

Your Facebook account does not have your credit card or bank details. But it could have everything a crook needs to get them. To protect you from phishing systems designed to steal Facebook log-ins. The platform is arming you with info that you can be easily accessed on the settings page. The social network lists […]

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password manager

Windows 10 included a password manager with a dangerous plugin flaw

Plugin for Win 10 version of Keeper had bug allowing sites to steal passwords. There is a good reason why nervous about 3rd-party software bundled by security analysts: It can introduce vulnerabilities that the companies can not control. And Microsoft, unfortunately, is the hardest way that to learn. Google researcher Tavis Ormandy found that a […]

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Chrome 63

Chrome 63 rollout brings with it site isolation, added security

Today, rolling out Google Chrome 63 includes many security enhancements for enterprise users. Site Isolation allows pages to be rendered in a separate process, while TLS 1.3 is currently enabled on Gmail. Google has also announced the future security features for the year ahead. Site Isolation Furthering the existing sandbox technology, site Isolation has Chrome […]

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intel processors

Latest Intel Core processors become serious security flaws

Intel has confirmed previous reports that its recent computer, internet of things and server chips are vulnerable to remote hacking. the problem is with the onboard “Management Engine,” that has multiple holes that might let remote attackers run malicious software, get privileged access and take over computers. The vulnerability affects 6th, 7th and 8th generation […]

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Nest Secure

T-Mobile is selling a Nest Secure bundle with a cellular backup

In Sep, Nest launches its Secure alarm system, complete with door and motion sensors and an app that app allows you to manage the system from anywhere. but arming the alarm through your phone or receiving alerts that motion has been detected in your home needs the Nest system to be actively connected to WiFi. […]

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security changes

Need to know about Latest Windows 10 Update big security changes

Did you get the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update yet? Microsoft started rolling it out recently, delivering tons of new features and changes to millions of Windows 10 PCs around the world.   Changes include a new look known as the Fluent design system, a big push toward 3-D modeling, Mixed Reality modes and new […]

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WannaCry attack

NHS could have avoided WannaCry hack with ‘basic IT security’

England’s National Health Service (NHS) could have avoided the ransomware hack that crippled its systems in may, consistent with a government report. “Basic IT security” was all that was needed to prevent the “unsophisticated” WannaCry attack, that affected over a 3rd of NHS organizations, said the National Audit office (NAO). the full scale of the […]

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Google Play Security Rewards

Google will pay hackers who find vulnerabilities in third-party apps

Google has long maintained various reward programs for its own apps and services like Chrome and android. However, most freelance developers cannot afford to run a similar program. Today, Google is stepping in to support android app security with the Google Play Security Rewards Program. It’s like Google’s bug bounties, but for third-party apps.   […]

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