Roombas iRobot

High-end Roombas will shortly find your home’s weak Wi-Fi signals

Weak Wi-Fi is a new enemy, your Roomba. Along with dirt, iRobot’s Roomba 900 series models will shortly hunt down your home’s wireless dead zones too. The forthcoming patch activates the ability and comes in the middle of January. Especially, the upgrade includes iRobot’s top-tier vacuums, the Roomba 960 $700, and Roomba 980 $900. When […]

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Robot DJ

Prague’s latest star Robot DJ, The robot is shaped like a giant arm capped with a pincer

Do not argue whether the DJs are digital or vinyl best – the real question is whether or not a human should be their 1st place. Prague’s Karlovy Lazne club has begun using an automotive robot arm as one of its DJs after its management challenged a robotics company to make it happen. The bot […]

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Researchers develop technique to train robots with physical input

Researchers have developed a way to train robots with just a little push at Rice University. Their technique uses algorithms that allow robots to not only respond to a human’s touch in the moment but alter their trajectory based on that physical input. “Here the robot has a plan, or desired trajectory, that describes, however, […]

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humanoid robot

Toyota’s latest T-HR3 humanoid robot mimics your movements

Toyota has revealed its third generation humanoid robot, the T-HR3, which might be controlled and synchronized with the operator’s movements. The user wears data gloves and an HTC Vive VR headset that’s linked to cameras to show the robot’s perspective. T-HR3 stands 1.54 meters tall and weighs 75kg ( 5 feet, 1 inches / 165 […]

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Roomba robotic vacuums now supports IFTTT functionality

iRobot has been continuously adding ways to make Roomba vacuums are going to feel like they are actually a part of your connected home, they have to do over dutifully clean your floors on a set schedule. Thankfully, iRobot helps them do exactly that. It just added IFTTT “recipes” that tell Roomba robots once to […]

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MegaBots wants to crowdfund for World’s First Giant Robot Tournament 2018

A team of fans makes the robot concept Eagle Prime Two years before (in 2015), and what did you do to with a 15 feet tall metal beast: Challenge its Japanese equivalent, Kuratas, to a duel. Years later, the creations finally duked it out in an incredible brawl that appeared that there was absolutely nothing. […]

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Boston Dynamics ‘new’ robot dog ‘SpotMini’ ready for a walk

Boston Dynamics is no longer a part of Alphabet/ Google, but it does not stand in the way of latest robot videos, like that the new teaser for a revamped version of its dog-like electric SpotMini robot. described only because of the “new SpotMini” it looks sleeker and more production ready than any version we […]

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Honda RoboCas

Connecting People with Smiles Communication Robot of the Future

Honda is researching mobility to expand the possibilities of people’s lifestyles, for a future in which people are connected with smiles. The Honda RoboCas Concept, a unique form of electric mobility, was born to make each person’s ideas and dreams come true. On top of a compact mobile body, RoboCas has a carry space which […]

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