Quantum computing

IBM puts its quantum computer to work in relaxing

IBM Quantum computing Quantum computing is a long way from providing more real tangible benefits. But it does not mean we can not appreciate in other ways. Like, for example, this ASMR-style video was created at inside IBM’s new Q computation center — the company’s research lab is working hard at its quantum computing hardware. Such […]

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Quantum Development Kit

Microsoft’s Quantum Development Kit Free Preview Version Available now

The free preview version of Microsoft Quantum Development Kit was released today. Who want to start on a quantum computer train early can now start with the Microsoft Quantum Development Kit The kit. It was announced 1st in Sep at the Microsoft’s Ignite conference. Includes the programming language Q#, a quantum computing simulator simulate 30 logical qubits […]

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firefox download

Shortly Firefox will flag sites which have been hacked

Firefox has a good run right now, having just released its much speedier and better-looking Quantum browser. It’s currently working on a new feature that security fans are bound to like: it’ll warn you if you are visiting a website that has suffered a data breach. Firefox is working on the feature in collaboration with […]

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Firefox Quantum

Speed up your web browsing with New Firefox Quantum broswer

Did you ditch Firefox a while ago after feeling that it had been slowing down compared to rival browsers like Chrome? Mozilla is determined to win you back. As promised, it simply released Firefox Quantum (aka Firefox 57) — and it guarantees to be abundant quicker than you are wont to. the corporate claims its […]

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Corkscrew light beams could lead on to sensible quantum computers

Who said light only had to travel in boring waves or particles? Not Harvard. Its researchers have found the way to spin light into complex states that promise breakthroughs in multiple fields. They’ve designed meta-surfaces whose elaborate optics combine 2 varieties of light momentum (orbital angular and spin angular) to send light into corkscrews, spirals […]

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