wrist fractures

FDA permits artificial intelligence tool for detecting wrist fractures

The FDA has been approving its fair share of AI-powered medical technology, but its latest might be particularly helpful if you ever have a nasty fall. The agency has greenlit Imagen’s OsteoDetect, an AI-based diagnostic tool that can quickly detect distal radius wrist fractures. Its machine learning algorithm studies 2D X-rays for the telltale signs […]

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The FDA Approved Digital Pills That Talk to Your Doctor

The Food and Drug Administration has approved the 1st digital pill for the U.S. that tracks if patients have taken their medication. The pill referred to as Abilify MyCite is fitted with a tiny ingestible sensor that communicates with a patch worn by the patient — the patch then transmits medication data to a smartphone […]

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stem cells

Stanford researchers develop a 3D gel stacks for growing large quantities of neural stem cells

Programmed stem cells promise to tackle every kind of illnesses, but there is one catch: creating them. It’s hard to cultivate giant numbers of them, and also the need to grow them on 2D surfaces is not very practical. that is where researchers might come to the rescue: they’ve developed a technique of growing neural […]

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