HTC U11 Eyes

HTC’s unveils new U11 Eyes’ dual cameras bring bokeh to your selfie

HTC has introduced its new U11 Eyes phone, which has dual front-facing cameras feature. That the company says it’s designed for taking selfies. The 2 front-facing 5-megapixel cameras have HDR boost, a bokeh mode which adjusts the depth-of-field in photos (in real-time or after the photograph is taken). And a beauty mode that HTC promises […]

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HTC launches Vive tracker bundles

HTC launches Vive tracker bundles enhances VR gameplay

HTC has launched Vive tracker bundles, opening its tracker device to everyday consumers for the 1st time. The Vive tracker could be a small interchangeable motion tracking accessory which will attach to any object in real life, and works with the HTC Vive VR headset. The tracker creates a wireless connection between the item and […]

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Vive Focus

HTC Vive Focus is a standalone VR headset and cancels Daydream plans

HTC has officially revealed the Vive Focus, its all-in-one VR headset. As previously announced, the Vive Focus works on a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chip and uses inside-out positional tracking. It should be the 1st standalone six-degrees-of-freedom VR headset to see release, tho’ HTC is not saying exactly once it will be available. The Vive Focus […]

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HTC U11 Plus

Leaked Video shows the HTC U11 Plus translucent option

The new HTC U11 plus flagship phone appears like it’ll come in a translucent option as revealed in a hands-on video accidentally posted to Facebook, and spotted by Phandroid. The video has since been taken down, but not before copies were made and uploaded elsewhere. If you look closely at the image above, you’ll see […]

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