Blade Runner

Denis Villeneuve’s ‘Blade Runner 2049’ VFX reel released

The Blade Runner 2049 does not have the question of revolves around computer-generated effects. Whether it is a retro-futuristic tech or its holographic AI personas. However, the CG is more pervasive than you might think. Denis Villeneuve’s bleak sci-fi movie visual effects reel were released Rodeo FX. And it is obvious that even the apparently […]

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Samsung QLED gaming monitor

New Samsung’s QLED Gaming Monitor is first to be VESA Display HDR certified

Finally last week VESA launched an HDR standard for computer displays to tell consumers whether an expensive monitor will show games and movies the way the creators intended. Samsung has announced that it is 49-inch QLED super ultra-wide monitor, the CHG90, is the 1st to receive the DisplayHDR 600 certification. that means HDR offers enough […]

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Quantum Development Kit

Microsoft’s Quantum Development Kit Free Preview Version Available now

The free preview version of Microsoft Quantum Development Kit was released today. Who want to start on a quantum computer train early can now start with the Microsoft Quantum Development Kit The kit. It was announced 1st in Sep at the Microsoft’s Ignite conference. Includes the programming language Q#, a quantum computing simulator simulate 30 logical qubits […]

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remove commercials

Now Plex DVR can automatically remove commercials

Over the years, Plex has grown from a relatively simple home media server into an all-in-one entertainment powerhouse. Notable feature additions include streaming personalized news, the ability to operate entirely in the cloud rather than on your server, and a full-fledged DVR. currently, that DVR has gotten even more powerful, adding a new feature to […]

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IBM prototype processor

IBM’s processor pushes quantum computing closer to ‘supremacy’

IBM Q research has built & tested an operational 50 qubit prototype processor, a large leap up from its previous record of seventeen qubits. the corporate is also set to make a twenty qubit quantum system out there on-line for shoppers to try, with an updated superconducting design, connectivity, and packaging. That’ll let users run […]

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Workplace Chat

Workplace Chat desktop app to everyone Facebook opens it

Facebook brought its Slack-competing service out of private beta last year and rebranded it as simply ‘Workplace.’ Its messaging side offering, workplace Chat, had browser and mobile components — and today, it’s bringing its desktop app out of beta so all users can converse in text or over video, send files and share screens tho’ […]

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Screen sharing in Slack will let your coworkers control your computer

Working with teammates in Slack, wherever they are, started with messaging. Then came voice and video calls, followed by screen sharing. And now, screen sharing from a Slack call has gone interactive: You can invite others to write, code, design — or whatever working together means to you — all directly from your shared screen.   Invite others on […]

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Project SonicScape

Adobe’s Project SonicScape lets VR film editors Visualizes Audio

Adobe is hosting its max conference this week — and as usual, it’s using the event to show off some of its latest experiments. Indeed, Adobe even has a special keynote just to show off its craziest demos, but the company apparently has so much to show, that it decided to demo one prototype early: […]

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