Samsung's dual camera

Samsung Dual Camera ‘Bokeh’ tricks come with budget phones

The dual camera smartphones with advanced low-light photos and fancy, defocused “bokeh” behind subjects are beautiful new and until now, have been reserved for high-end smartphones. Showing how quick things can move nowadays, however, Samsung has revealed a new “Isocell dual” camera module for low-cost mobile phones. With built-in software & algorithms, they especially allow […]

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iPhone X invisible face

The Japanese app developer uses the iPhone X to invisible his face

The Face-Tracking capabilities of the iPhone X are pretty good, and it is useful. Now there is coming something really terrible. Kazuya Noshiro a Japanese app developer has tweeted a preview of an app. He is working on that camouflages users face with the background (1st spotted by design Taxi). The short, 10 sec video […]

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Casio to Release G’z EYE Tough Camera looks like a G-Shock with a lens

Casio has announced a rugged action camera that has been heavily influenced by its iconic G-Shock brand. though the G’z Eye GZE-1 takes its name from Casio’s line of sturdy smartphones, its style comes straight from the company’s tough watches. The GZE-1 is not the most intelligent action camera in the world — it shoots […]

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360-degree lens

This 3rd party 360-degree lens attaches to your iPhone camera

There’s a new 360-degree lens you’ll attach to your iPhone to record photos and videos. The Fishball lens clips on with what the company calls a secure locking mechanism and its system of fisheye lenses and mirrors let you shoot 360 degrees using the Fishball mobile app. There’s already a lens attachment referred to as […]

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google street view

Google Street View new algorithm correcting misalignment’s in existing panoramas

Back in Sep, Google Street view vehicles received their 1st major upgrade in eight years that should result in high-resolution images. Today, Google analysis detailed a new algorithm that should address a standard flaw with current Street view panoramas. Looking at Street view, it’s not too difficult to identify a misalignment in the 360-degree panorama […]

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