wrist fractures

FDA permits artificial intelligence tool for detecting wrist fractures

The FDA has been approving its fair share of AI-powered medical technology, but its latest might be particularly helpful if you ever have a nasty fall. The agency has greenlit Imagen’s OsteoDetect, an AI-based diagnostic tool that can quickly detect distal radius wrist fractures. Its machine learning algorithm studies 2D X-rays for the telltale signs […]

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Cloud AutoML

Google Cloud AutoML Tool Lets you train AI Without Having To Code

In many ways, the greatest challenge in expanding the adoption of AI is not making it better. It is making the tech accessible to more companies. You usually need at least some of the programming to train a machine learning system. This imposes the rules for companies that cannot justify a data scientist for a […]

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LG ThinQ

LG ThinQ brand, all new AI tech products and services use ‘ThinQ’

LG is making serious with artificial intelligence (AI). And will launch products and services that use Artificial Intelligent under a new sub-brand called “ThinQ” which will begins in next year (2018). All its future TVs (Televisions), fridges, even electronic devices and services under the new brand. Will have features developed with deep learning techniques and […]

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Echo Look

Echo Look, Style Assistant with Alexa, Amazon’s fashionistas can give you style tips

If you are tired of the Echo Look’s AI-powered style tips, we’ve excellent news. Now, to get feedback from real-life humans, you can submit your full body selfies to the Amazon Spark hive. In June the e-retail company giant launched the camera-equipped Echo Look as an invite-only purchase. It’s Instagram style social shopping feed, Amazon […]

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intelligent search

Microsoft launches new AI-powered intelligent search features for Bing

Bing intelligent search features: Microsoft unveiled a some of the new intelligent search options for Bing at an event held in San Francisco today. Powered by AI, the search updates are meant to give more thorough results and allow for more conversational or common search queries. Once answering a question, First Bing will now validate […]

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Microsoft Cortana

Now Microsoft’s digital assistant Cortana AI can connect to your Gmail

Microsoft Cortana AI Microsoft Cortana refuses to sit idly by all the skills of Amazon’s Alexa hogs. Even though the 2 digital helpers are best buds (by way of their future partnership), Cortana is feeling competitive. Windows 10 via, the Artificial intelligence can connect to your Gmail account now. Of course allowing it to access […]

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Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop AI-powered new feature select people automatically in single click

Masking a human or another subject out of a scene could be a pretty common trick these days, but it’s is still arguably one of the toughest and lowest-tech parts of Photoshop. Adobe’s about to create that lots easier, due to an upcoming AI-powered feature called select Subject. using it’s pretty much idiot-proof: From the […]

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