4K UHD projector

LG’s First tiny 4K UHD projector can beam a 150-inch screen in any room

LG is showcasing its 2018 projector lineup at CES 2018. And among them is the brand’s 1st 4K UHD projector that does not quite look most of its peers. This model (HU80KA) is a compact, upright device that can produce a 150-inch screen on your wall. Its portable design was made possible by its mirrorless […]

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HDMI 2.1

HDMI 2.1 can support 10K resolution and Dynamic HDR

Back in Jan, the HDMI Forum unveiled its new specifications for the HDMI connector, called HDMI 2.1. Now, that HDMI specification is available to all vendors who have already adopted HDMI 2.0. It’s backward compatible with all previous HDMI specifications. The focus of HDMI 2.1 is on higher video bandwidth; it supports 48 Gbps with […]

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4K photos

Facebook Messenger update now lets share 4K photos

Facebook messenger has recently gained some pretty nifty extensions, just like the ability to share Spotify tunes and Apple Music, send money to friends and new video chat filters. currently, the company is improving another visual feature: 4K photos. currently, you’ll send and receive 4K resolution photos via the messaging service at the same speed […]

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display screen resolution

what is the difference between display screen resolution? WQHD, QHD, 2K, 4K and UHD

Shopping for any kind of display device – from phones to TVs – and you are going to come across some rather confusing terms and acronyms that you will need to get your head around if you wish to work out the resolution that you are dealing with.   So you’ll better tell one model […]

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Hisense's 100-inch 4K Laser TV

Hisense’s offers 100-inch 4K Laser TV can be yours for $9,999

Hisense has declared a new 100-inch 4K laser TV (model 100L8D) that is currently available to buy. It’s similar to the 100H10D model announced in Jan at CES for $13,000, but a notable omission in today’s declared specification sheet is HDR support, which may or may not explain the cheaper value of $9,999. However, Digital […]

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4K video

Facebook finally adapts to 4K video for regular videos

If you’re sick of your lovely videos wanting crummy on Facebook, there’s excellent news for you. after some super HD videos started popping up on the social network, Facebook currently confirms to TechCrunch it’s testing 4K video uploads and viewing using the 2160p UHD-1 Ultra-High-Definition tv standard. Some Pages and profiles will currently post 4K […]

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