suicidal feelings

MRI Predicts suicidal feelings based on brain scans

It’s difficult to identify whether or not someone is feeling suicidal by asking. according to studies, roughly 80 % of these who go through with the act denied feeling suicidal the last time they spoke to a mental health care expert. However, AI-related technology — that is also being applied to things like spotting cancerous […]

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WannaCry attack

NHS could have avoided WannaCry hack with ‘basic IT security’

England’s National Health Service (NHS) could have avoided the ransomware hack that crippled its systems in may, consistent with a government report. “Basic IT security” was all that was needed to prevent the “unsophisticated” WannaCry attack, that affected over a 3rd of NHS organizations, said the National Audit office (NAO). the full scale of the […]

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gene editing

New CRISPR tool alters RNA for wider gene editing applications

The CRISPR gene editing technique can be used for all sorts of superb things by targeting your DNA. Scientists are using it in experimental therapies for ALS and huntington’s disease, ways to let those with celiac disease process gluten proteins and possibly assist in more successful birth rates. Now, according to a paper published in […]

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Acoustic gunshot sensors

Automatic Acoustic Gunshot Sensor Technology May Benefit Shooting Victims

Press release  SAN DIEGO (Tuesday, October 24, 9:30 am PDT): A number of U.S. cities have installed acoustic gunshot sensor technology to accurately locate shooting scenes and potential gunshot victims, but the effectiveness of this technology for saving lives had not been studied until surgeons at the University of California, San Francisco-East Bay in Oakland, […]

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Gene therapy

FDA approval for Gene therapy for advanced lymphoma

People with advanced lymphoma currently have another type of treatment to consider. The Food and Drug Administration has approved Yescarta, a cell-based gene therapy designed to treat giant B-cell lymphoma created by Kite pharma. it is the second time the FDA has approved a gene therapy for use within the us following a procedure meant […]

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