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Facebook adds new features, “Watch Party” live videos to group of people


Facebook says its Live videos are wildly successful and generate around 6 times the interaction other videos do. That’s why it has tested a new feature that adds the elements that are responsible for making Live a more engaging, interactive experience for Live videos on the platform. From today, selective Groups will have access to “Watch Party,”. A test tool that creates a shared experience for many users. Administrators will allow any public video to be posted in their group. Which members can then watch together at the same time. (Also, it probably helps that a billion accounts use Facebook Groups each month.) They’ll even leave comments and reactions that appear on screen the same way they do on Live. Whatever it’s they are watching.

Facebook decided to conduct first testing within Groups as members are joined by common interests and are more inclined to watch videos together. Lots of more people join Groups to get the latest news about their interest. After all, and the info is often presented in video form on the website. Fidji Simo, Facebook’s VP of Product, said the social network will be studying how testers use Watch Party in order to get it ready for a wider release in the future.

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