Visa will make signatures optional for EMV Merchants in North America


It has been a month since American Express and Mastercard decided to stop asking signs for EMV chip credit cards. Now Visa joins their ranks, making signs optional for chipped transactions in North America. Beginning April this year, you do not have to sign to EMV transactions.

“Visa is committed to delivering secure, fast and convenient payments at the point of sale”. Said VIsa’s Dan Sanford in a report. “Our focus is on continually evolving the market towards dynamic authentication methods such as EMV chip. As well as investing in emerging capabilities that leverage advanced analytics and biometrics. We believe making the signature requirement optional for EMV chip-enabled merchants is the responsible next step to enhance security and convenience at the point of sale.”

Contact and contactless chip-enabled points of sale are taking over. Of course, retail transactions are for their enhanced security and convenience. Visa specifies that it has increased more than 460 million EMV chip cards and readers at more than 2.5 million locations.

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