SanDisk 1TB USB-C

SanDisk, the world smallest 1TB USB-C flash drive drive at CES 2018


Every year in the CES, with all the TVs and laptops and gadgets is the always-escalating competition of who can cram the maximum storage into a single flash drive. And this time, SanDisk showed up with a prototype of what’s supposed to be the world’s smallest 1TB USB-C flash drive.

This is not much of a storage that we have ever seen in a flash drive. That title still belongs to last year’s 2TB Kingston DataTraveler ultimate GT. But SanDisk should be commended anyway. Given that its slimmed-down prototype is much smaller than Kingston’s chunky zinc-alloy case. Additionally, the SanDisk prototype completely embraces USB-C, instead of clinging to the past with USB 3.0. Mean that you can able to use it to directly transfer storage too, say, an Android mobile in addition to PC.

In this period, the drive is just a prototype (albeit a working one), with no cost or release date announced. And probably that is for the best:. Given that full-sized 1TB USB-C SSD already costs in the range of $350. It was difficult to imagine that SanDisk’s model will be available should it reach the market.

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