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WhatsApp should drop support for BlackBerry OS and Windows Phone


WhatsApp describes plans for older mobile operating systems, as the year draws to a close. Especially, the app will end support for BlackBerry OS (including BlackBerry 10) and Windows Phone 8.0 and older on Dec 31st.

Although the Facebook-owned WhatsApp will continue to work on these platforms. Users will no longer be able to create new accounts or re-verify existing WhatsApp accounts. Furthermore, maybe it is time for that upgrade, WhatsApp claims its app could stop functioning at any time.

In the last few months alone, WhatsApp has released some helpful features (like quick delete for sent texts, real-time location sharing, and new universal emojis). However, it seems older platforms do not boast the “capabilities” the company needs to expand its functions going forward.

After increasing its deadline for ending support for BlackBerry 10. WhatsApp is clearly done with the OS once and for all. If you are a BlackBerry user who wants to use the message on BBM (who does not?). You can always get a new device running Android.

Meanwhile, Windows Phone users on 8.1 or above need not worry about a thing (well, apart from Microsoft turning its back on the OS, along with Windows Mobile 10).

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