Razer Phone

Razer phone major updated its best camera and audio performance


When the Razer Phone was 1st announced, we did not know what to expect. Sure, the company had Nextbit, but a handset just “for gamers?” the entire thing smelled like a gimmick. an out, we need not have worried. The Razer Phone could be a solid flagship with a 5.7-inch, quad HD display (and a rare 120Hz refresh rate) A huge battery and loud front-facing speakers. the only problem? The camera is pretty average. Thankfully, Razer has asked for consumer complaints and pushed out a sizeable software update. Exactly what it’s changed is a mystery, but the result should be “improved picture quality” with less noise, punchier colors and clearer shadows.

There is now a 2x zoom button and “improved shutter speeds” when using the camera in low light conditions and HDR mode. We will have to put all of this to the test, of course. Our study, the camera fell “well short of what we expected from a device that costs this much. ” It would take a huge improvement for the phone to match the images produced by Google’s pixel 2 or Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8. Still, it is good to see Razer supporting its 1st smartphone.  Especially when the rest of the device is so well put together. In a FB post, the company promised a further update to bring its camera app. “On par with other flagship phones.” we cannot wait.

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