Samsung Soundbar

Samsung’s new wall-mountable lifestyle soundbar has a 3 mode and built-in subwoofer

Samsung NW700 Sound+ soundbar

Samsung announced today that it’ll be introducing a new lifestyle wall-mountable sound band of CES 2018, the NW700 Soundbar Sound+. The device will be announced among the company’s range of home entertainment products that gets refreshed every year.

The new model replaces in the MS650 Sound+ in the lineup. And which includes the distortion-canceling, wide-range tweeters and multi-speaker control. Samsung says that the soundbar, which is just over 2 inches wide, 41 percent narrower than its previous model, coming in at just 53.5mm thin. This is meant to match up with the firm’s slim smart TVs.

Samsung Electronics Visual Display Business vice president, Jurack Chae said. “The company continues to invest in product development that fuses lifestyle and tech in a seamless, innovative manner”. “With our NW700 Soundbar Sound+, we aren’t only committed to superior product design. But also to delivering unmatched sound quality to our consumers.”

The NW700 Sound+ has a built-in subwoofer and distortion-canceling tweeters include 3 sound modes: standard, Surround, and a Smart mode. The Surround Mode helps to expand surround sound performance, and with multi-speaker support. You can place separate speakers in different sections of the room to enhance this effect. And then Smart Mode that automatically adjusts volume and surround sound effects.

Samsung other some products being featured at CES include the new Samsung Notebook 9 Pen and 3 new Notebook 9 laptops. And it is rumored that we will also be getting a look at the Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus.

There is no word yet on when Samsung’s soundbar will hit the market or how much it will cost, but Samsung will announce more details at CES, which kicks off on Jan 9.

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