WhatsApp user data

CNIL has ordered WhatsApp to stop sharing user data with parent company Facebook

WhatsApp ordered to stop sharing user data

CNIL France’s ultra-strict privacy watchdog has ordered WhatsApp to stop sharing user data with the Facebook (WhatsApp parent company). According to a public announcement published on the French website, the app has a month to comply with the order.

Last year’s WhatsApp added to it its terms of service began querying to share user data with Facebook. To develop targeted ads, security measures, and to gather business intelligence.

The CNN ruled that WhatsApp’s willingness to improve security measures was validated by investigating these claims. And the reason for the business intelligence of the app is not acceptable. After all, WhatsApp ne’er told its users it was collecting data for business intelligence and there was no way to exit without uninstalling the app. CNN said that it violates “the fundamental freedoms of users”.

In the past, European regulators have tried to police Facebook, especially when it comes to data-sharing. In September last year, Germany ordered Facebook to stop collecting data from WhatsApp users. And in the UK, in November last year, Facebook agreed to stop collecting WhatsApp user data.

Then this may, Facebook was fined $122 million by the European Union for providing “misleading info” about its acquisition of WhatsApp. When the company claimed that it’d be unable to link profiles of users from WhatsApp to Facebook. And in Sept, the European Union asked social media platforms including Facebook to crack down on hate speech — with the looming threat of legislation if the companies did not comply.

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