OpenSSH client

Microsoft quietly adding a Built-in OpenSSH client to Windows 10


OpenSSH client for Windows 10

Microsoft has been steadily building Windows 10 much more developer friendly. Adding the bash command line, alongside Ubuntu, SUSE Linux, and fedora Linux distributions. The software giant is now adding a native OpenSSH client to Windows 10. It will get a beta option immediately for the Fall Creators Update for Windows 10, and it is easy to enable.

TechCrunch describes that the native client will mean developers do not need to download a 3rd-party client. Like PuTTY to realize access to remote servers. And ServeTheHome has a quick instruction video (watch below) on how to enable the new SSH support. If you are not a developer, you probably are not worried about supporting SSH in Windows 10. And the current Windows subsystem for Linux already supports it. Either way, it is encouraging to see Microsoft continuing to accommodate developers and embrace the open source community.

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