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Microsoft launches new AI-powered intelligent search features for Bing


Bing intelligent search features:

Microsoft unveiled a some of the new intelligent search options for Bing at an event held in San Francisco today. Powered by AI, the search updates are meant to give more thorough results and allow for more conversational or common search queries.

Once answering a question, First Bing will now validate its answers by sourcing many websites, not just one. And in cases where there are 2 valid perspectives, like, as an example, in answer to the question. “Is cholesterol bad,” they will be aggregated and Bing will give both at the top of the search page. Additionally, when there is more than one way to answer a query, Bing can give a carousel of answers.

The Bing team is also adding relevant analogies or comparisons to look answers that make the provided info easier to understand. For example, rather than just saying Syria is 71,498 sq. miles in response to a question of how big the country is, it’d also say it’s approximately the size of Florida. “We want to reduce the number of times that people read a number and cannot make sense of it. And that we need to do that by providing some context, or an analogy, or perspective. That puts it in more familiar terms usually related to their everyday experience”. Jake Hofman, a Microsoft senior researcher, said in a statement. Further, Microsoft is expanding Bing’s comparison answers, that were previously limited to product comparisons.

Advanced image search:

Bing will also help users find answers to broad or conversational queries by asking clarifying questions which will facilitate refine the search. And Microsoft also introduced Bing’s advanced image search capabilities. Which can currently let users search pictures or objects within images to. For example, help them track down a particular fashion item they’d like to purchase.

Bing search

In addition, the Bing and Reddit have teamed up to bring the info contained in Reddit threads to Bing’s search page. Now you can search for Reddit topics or subreddits Bing. Like “Reddit Aww,” and Bing will surface a snippet of the topic. If a common search, such as “Why my water does not boil,” can be better answered by Reddit conversations. Bing will also surface parts of those conversations are above the search page. And if you want to see some AMAs or read through popular ones, Bing will be able to surface those as well. AMAs are displayed at a carousel at the Bing results page, and you can see the future AMAs.

Microsoft Cortana and office 365 also unveiled new AI-powered features at the event. The Reddit partnership begins today, while Bing’s intelligent responses and conversational search features will coming up next month.

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