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Synaptics making display fingerprint sensor for top 5 phones arrives in January


The near future under-the-display fingerprint sensors will not just be reserved for rough prototypes. Synaptics has sent word that a top 5 Major smartphone manufacturer will unveil a phone using its Clear ID sensor at CES in Jan. It isn’t giving any clues as to who the mystery early adopter may be, although Vivo was the 1st to show it off. We would not be shocked if one in Vivo’s sibling brands (such as Oppo) had the honors. Although we absolutely would not rule out competition like Xiaomi or Huawei.

These under-display sensors are not flawless. As there tends to be a delay compared to a reader that is in direct contact with your digits. Synaptics is not bothered by that, though, it claims that Clear ID is “twice as fast” as 3D face recognition. (i.e. iPhone X Face ID) and that it has more flexible. Since you do not require to be within the visual range of your smartphone.


As it is, the technology may be vital if it has widely adopted. Currently, the tall-screened phones are practically de rigeur. Phone manufacturers have regularly had little choice but to move the reader (typically to the rear) or else use another biometric sign-in technique. Clear ID theoretically lets phone brands avoid that choice. They’ll place the reader where it’s most convenient without giving up that all-important eye-catching display.

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