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Google Updates drag-and-drop feature on Docs, Slides, and Sheets Apps with on iPad, iPhoneX


In a series of updates released this morning on the App Store, Google brought support for 2 extremely anticipated iOS 11 options – iPhone X compatibility and iPad drag and drop – to their Docs, Slides, and Sheets apps.

In iPhone X, Google’s apps currently take complete advantage of the bigger display, extending to all corners of the screen; toolbars are integrated with the device’s unique form factor, but, overall, the UI update is usually unsurprising. If something, it’s nice to be able to read longer documents without letterboxing.

Things are more interesting on the iPad, where you can currently use multi-app drag and drop to insert content into Google’s apps. In Google Docs, for example, you’ll drop a link from Safari, or a text selection from an email client directly into the editor.

In my initial tests, it seems that, like copy and paste before, Google Docs does not support receiving a rich text from other apps – once you drop formatted text into a document, it gets converted to plain text. However, as somebody who regularly does plenty of analysis in Google Docs, collecting bits of data from different iPad apps, I am just glad to have basic support for drag and drop in the app, even if it is not as advanced as other note-taking apps.

Despite some limitations, before WWDC 2018, Google was able to update their popular app for iPhone X and also the iOS 11. The updated Docs, Slides and Sheets apps are available in the App Store.

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