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Samsumng Gear S3 Value Pack Update improves UI, enhances fitness tracking


Android Wear 2.0 is still confusing, But Samsung’s Tizen UI on the Gear family of smartwatches continues to impress, and it’s what gets strapped to my wrist each day. Now, Samsung is releasing a new update on the Gear S3 Frontier/Classic to provide those some new enhancements.

Samsung’s “Value Pack” update, rolling out currently, provides the Gear S3 family some tricks within the fitness department 1st and foremost. one of the biggest new additions is real-time continuous heart rate monitoring, something that comes in handy during certain workouts. In addition, a new nutritional management feature is included to keep monitoring of calories consumed and a daily budget.

Another additional fitness feature allows Gear S3 users to look at exercise programs on their connected phone or TV, and even view their heart rate on that display.

Fitness buffs seeming to take their exercise system to the next level can appreciate the Samsung Health and Fitness Program option, that lets them watch exercise programs from their synced smartphone on a TV. Once connected, they’ll use their Gear S3 to control the displayed content, display their heart rates on the TV.


Fitness aside, this update also provides some handy options for the Gear S3 within Tizen itself. Users will currently search through their contacts on the watch, create new contacts, and make calendar events with related info like location, date and time, and alerts, all from their wrist.

Reminders also get a welcome change. Users will currently create to-do lists on their phone and check things off on their wrist, and any reminders from your phone ought to currently work with the Gear S3.

Finally, Samsung is providing the UI on the Gear S3 a new coat of paint. while it’s not an enormous overhaul, there are some clear changes here and that they align a little closer with the recently debuted Gear Sport. The bezel’s activities are also improved with new speed related controls for viewing more or less watch faces in the picker. Another welcome change is the ability to reply to a message using only the bezel.

By rotating the bezel at a faster or slower rate, users will view more or less info, respectively. for instance, if a user needs to alter their device’s watch face, they’ll see more style options on the screen at once by turning the bezel at a faster speed.

Users also can use the bezel to naturally move from a text message notification to the reply input. should they not have enough time to send a detailed reply, they’ll make use of even more default quick replies to express themselves in a snap. they’ll also create and edit their own quick replies directly on the smartwatch.

All of these changes, as well as a refresh Gear S app for phones, ar rolling out currently in a 257mb update. to install the update, simply download and install the Gear S app on your phone.

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